Saint Nicholas was the first school in Houston to offer Summer Camp and After School.
Our camp includes activities on and off campus and has activities at the Lazy A Ranch in Bellville.


Major destinations will be The Lazy A Ranch ( and Rancho Texcelente IXL Ranch (  We have on-campus visiting programs for all ages, field trips and swimming for ages five and older, and Paso Fino Equine Camp for ages seven and older. Swimming lessons and Free Swim will be held at Swim Jim. Campus gardens and wildlife habitats will be built using urban garden and wildlife resources.  Maps will be made showing our summer visits and Outdoor Education Scrapbooks will be made showing photos, drawings, and keepsakes.Campers will be stimulated to be creative and challenged intellectually while they grow in responsibility, goal setting, social skills, and recreational skills.  Camp dates will be June 4th through August 14th.  Transportation is in our 30 passenger school Tour BusMeet your new friends at Saint Nicholas.

The Lazy A Ranch activities include

  • Observing the daily activities of a working cattle ranch including veterinary care. We talk to our cattle, call them to follow, and lead them gently as they learn their routine. An Arabian, Paso Fino, and Quarter horse, all professionally trained, are kept here. The Quarter Horse is available for beginning lessons in a ring with a lead rope and instructor. Riders wear helmets and parental release is required.
  • Using a map of the ranch, compass, and sun to understand direction and complete tasks
  • Making a camp ground, cooking, and resting
  • Be a friend/ Make a friend/ Working with others
  • Playground, hammocks, and playing games
  • Feeding the fish or no barbed hook fishing, working on the ponds plantings
  • Planting, keeping, and harvesting fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Safety and First Aid
  • Wild Animal and plant identification and tracks, wildlife cameras
  • Learning to be safe on the ranch with animals
  • Ranch Habitats: ponds, little forests, creeks, pastures, thickets
  • Raising free-range chickens, Mallard ducks, and gathering eggs
  • British White cattle, birth, feeding, and rotational grazing in pastures
  • Farm pets: House cats, Stable cats, and Livestock Guardian Dogs
  • Introductory permaculture and developing the ranch water, soil, and planting systems, including compost and soil additions
  • Growing safe and nutritious food without chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, and antibiotics. The benefits of grass fed eggs and meat.
  • There is no additional charge for late day trips if students are registered for camp until 5:00 pm. There is a fee for pickup after 4:00 p.m.
  • Students will leave the campus at 7:30 am promptly and will be served breakfast on the bus. They will return at 5:00 pm, allowing one and one half hour travel time.

The Rancho Texcelente IXL Equine Camp includes

  • The legendary Paso Fino horses, all professionally trained
  • Horsemanship instruction in small groups including gaits, obstacle courses, jumping, and barrel racing.
  • Riding and horse care skills
  • All riders wear helmets and parental release is required
  • Horse Show on Friday with families invited for a Hamburger Lunch. Reservations are required.
  • This camp is open to students at no extra cost if registered for the entire summer, or $350 extra if not.
  • Students will leave campus at 7:30 am promptly and will return to campus at 5:00 pm.


  • Uniform Requirements are available at the front desk and five complete sets per week are needed. They are ordered on the internet at the school website. Students must be in complete required uniform every day, and cannot leave campus otherwise.
  • Sunscreen should be applied before coming to school and also brought in the bag. Water bottles with names are needed for off campus events. Some activities and field trips will have special needs of which you will be informed by note. Please send in the bag every day: school hat, gym shorts and T-shirt, socks and underwear, swimsuit and small towel, and a zip-lock bag for wet clothes.
  • Lazy A Ranch: Jeans and riding boots are preferred, or shoes with a heel. School or Ranch shirts must be worn. School tennis shoes are also needed in the bag.
  • Rancho Texcelente IXL: Jeans and riding boots with heel required. School shirts are required, T-shirt or Polo, with white button down required for Friday Horse Show.

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