The school has an organic garden to grow vegetables which is a project of the teachers and students. A few hens have been kept for eggs.

An additional resource for Outdoor Education is the Lazy A Ranch. There the students can observe a large garden with fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, and honey bees. Other activities are improvement of the soil and pastures and raising British White and Japanese Red Wagyu cattle for beef production. The beef, eggs, and some vegetables for the school kitchen are produced here. The website is LazyATexas.com.

Beginning equestrian lessons are held at the ranch with Red the Quarter Horse.  A week long camp for students in Grade 3 and up is held at the Rancho Texcelente in Cat Spring with Paso Fino horses.

Descriptions of the OUTDOOR EDUCATION

Swimming at West University Recreation center-Wolfies swim school includes

  • Swim instruction for 30 minutes with a 5:1 ratio for students five and older
  • Swimming will be held in June and July, once a week, at no extra cost for campers registered for the entire summer. The charge is $110 per month otherwise.


  • In the beautiful SNS indoor and outdoor environments, activities are led by qualified and mature year-round SNS faculty and staff.
  • Selected summer activities are provided drawing from English, Singapore Mathematics, Spanish, French, Latin, geography, science and computer topics in the enriched interactive Montessori classrooms. Grade 3 and older students have individual laptop computers.
  • The expanded private music program includes both the traditional and Soft Mozart computer programs. The fee is $80 per month.
  • Ballet classes and Martial Arts are held for students in Primary and older. There is a summer term fee.
  • All activities, meals, and field trips are included in tuition.
  • Daily summer activities are chosen from sports and games, art, music, gardening, and pets.
  • Field trips off campus and swimming begin at age five.


  • All students, according to maturity and interests, explore the campus with their class.
  • Science and nature activities include animal and plant classification drawings and collections, biospheres, nature walks, nest and skeleton collections, growing earthworms and mealworms, pet care.
  • Sports and outdoor activities include playground games, softball, soccer, volleyball, croquet, badminton, skating, running and field activities, and splash and sand.
  • Expanded time for art and art history, authors and literature, science, geography, music history, composers, music and movement, academic contest preparation, drama, gymnastics, nature, games and sports, practical life, gardening, and animal care
  • Practical life activities will include cooking and nutrition, gardening, inviting parents and grandparents, movies and videos, sewing, manners, safety, bus and rail transportation, chess and board games, and babysitting.
  • Computer Centers and technology instruction for ages six and up
  • Neighborhood project, Cleanup and planting
  • Expanded music theory and playing simple instruments
  • Choir and voice training leading to Boychoir and Girlchoir
  • Geography and science, garden and animal projects
  • Sprinkler and sand activities, sink and float toys
  • Exploring pet and garden areas and exhibits in the older classrooms
  • Hot meals: breakfast, lunch, and supper, and snacks and box lunches for days out.


Twelve programs will be selected from the following, at least one per week suitable for each age group three and older.

  • Community Helpers: Firemen, Fire truck, Police Car, Helicopter, Mounted Patrol, parent professions
  • Lone Star Wildlife Rescue, Stewardship through Rehabilitation & Education
  • Texas Snakes and More: 10 different snakes, turtle, snake skins, skeletons, fangs, and a poster “Venomous Snakes of Southwest Texas” poster. Half day program.
  • Professions: medicine, law, ministry, accounting, parent professions
  • Houston Zoomobile: programs such as Texas Animals; Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles
  • Athletes
  • Museum of Natural Science: Wildlife on Wheels, Discovery Dome
  • Museum of Health and Medical Science: Health Adventure
  • Houston Area Wildlife and Rehabilitation
  • Museum of Natural Science Programs: Discovery, Energy, Wildlife
  • TUTS Professional Theatre Team
  • Nature Discovery Center, Bellaire, Traveling Exhibits: The Wetlands
  • Building Your Family Tree: Beginning Geneology for elementary and middle school


  • Off campus athletics include tennis and swimming, and basketball. Swimming lessons and free swim will be offered.
  • Stella Link Library will be a regular visit, twice per month
  • Field trips will be scheduled from the following:
  • Bayou Wildlife Park, Endangered Species Program, Alvin, exotic animals
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science: Butterfly Center, Planetarium, Imax, Explore Science and Nature activities, The Royal Tombs of Ur: Ancient Treasures from Iraq, Interactive Science Labs
  • Museum of Health and Medical Science: Science Class or Science Theatre, Organ Dissection demonstration, Theatre presentation, and Scavenger Hunt
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Houston Zoo
  • Space Center Houston
  • A.D. Players
  • Fun-Plex miniature golf, bowling
  • Express Children’s Theatre
  • Miller Outdoor Theatre and Picnic
  • Armand Bayou Nature Center
  • Brazos Bend State Park
  • Palace Lanes Bowling
  • American Cowboy Museum
  • Houston Fire Museum
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science: Exhibits, Butterfly Center, Exploring Science and Nature activities, and Focused Field Trips
  • Museum of Health and Medical Science
  • Nature Discovery Center, Bellaire, Beginning Birdwatching
  • San Jacinto Museum of History: Texas History movie, special exhibits, San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park, and the Battleship Texas
  • Hermann Park Water Park, Log Cabin, Picnic


  • Uniform Requirements are available at the front desk and five complete sets per week are needed. They are ordered on the internet at the school website. Students must be in complete required uniform every day, and cannot leave campus otherwise.
  • Sunscreen should be applied before coming to school and also brought in the bag. Water bottles with names are needed for off campus events. Some activities and field trips will have special needs of which you will be informed by note. Please send in the bag every day: school hat, gym shorts and T-shirt, socks and underwear, swimsuit and small towel, and a zip-lock bag for wet clothes.
  • Lazy A Ranch: Jeans and riding boots are preferred, or shoes with a heel. School or Ranch shirts must be worn. School tennis shoes are also needed in the bag.
  • Rancho Texcelente IXL: Jeans and riding boots with heel required. School shirts are required, T-shirt or Polo, with white button down required for Friday Horse Show.

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