founding General Partner of Saint Nicholas Schools

MARGOT E. TERRY HEARD, founding General Partner of Saint Nicholas Schools, has a BS degree in Child Development from the University of Texas, Austin. She has been a teacher and school head in Episcopal, Catholic, and private schools, including being the founding administrator of four schools, including the Saint Nicholas (1987, 1995) and Medical Center Charter (1996) schools. She wrote the textbook series, Languages Through Phonics, Books R, A, B, and C, in 1997, and another, Languages Through Phonics: Infant Learning Books 1-6, as well as the LP Handwriting series. She is involved in developing outdoor education and field trips for school children, and providing beef, eggs, produce, and honey for the school kitchen. She is planning projects based on permaculture, grass finishing, and animal and wildlife welfare. Breeding programs include British White and Wagyu breeds, and Texas certified grass fed beef is shipped throughout Texas. The schoolchildren visit the ranch often.

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