Infant classes are small groups headed by Montessori Certified teachers for ages NB-3 years. Each class has age appropriate books and materials. Children play outdoors morning and afternoon in specially designed spaces. The children at this age are very interested in motor movement and practical life skills: learning to do it myself.

The Montessori program is part of each class, including labeling of Montessori materials in four languages. Languages Through Phonics, Book 1: Making Sounds and Words: Sensorial to Motor Movement begins at this age.

The curriculum includes a music and book library for listening, movement, and rhythm activities, baby exercise, story time in four languages, developmental activities, baby sign language, and prayer time. Drawing, painting, and molding are enjoyed with play dough, markers, chalk, finger paint, water, and tempra paint.

Infant I: NB-5 Mo

This class has six babies, one teacher, and one assistant.  The schedule for this class works with a pattern of feeding, then activity, and then sleeping. These patterns help establish sleeping through the night. When they are awake they have bouncers and floor pads. Babies that arrive by 7:00 a.m. can come to school in their nightgowns, have a bath and massage, and be dressed. Babies enjoy music, talking with their teachers, and listening to stories. They begin to sit up alone and hold their own bottles.  Listening and vocalization skills are noted as they develop. The eyes, mouth, and tongue are busy working together in response to activities.

Infant II: 6-9 Mo

This class has six babies, one teacher, and one assistant.  Early babies in this class also receive a bath and massage. Babies in this group are eating at four hour intervals. Social skills for this class include learning to sip from a cup, eating small bits with fingers, and beginning to use a spoon. Babies enjoy being on the floor and learning to crawl.

Infant III: 10-13 Mo

This class has six babies, one teacher and one assistant.  Babies in this class are on a three meal schedule. They enjoy physical activity including pushing and walking. Bottles are being phased out and they sleep on low cots.

Infant IV: 14-17 Mo

The age range for this class is fourteen to seventeen months, with eight babies, one teacher, and one assistant. These babies continue their growth in physical skills, and using a cup and spoon. Some may be giving up the morning nap.

Orientation I: 18-21 Mo

This class has ten toddlers, one teacher, and one assistant. These children sip from a cup, are working on using a spoon, and have given up the morning nap. The Languages Through Phonics: Book 2, The Structure of Language, begins at eighteen months.

Orientation II: 22-25 Mo

This class has fourteen toddlers, one teacher, and one assistant. In this class children begin wearing pull-ups and their table skills are progressing.

Orientation III: 26-30 Mo

This class has eighteen children, one teacher, and one assistant. They are completing toileting skills. The Languages Through Phonics: Book 3, Learning and the Hand, preparation for writing, begins in this class.

Orientation IV and V: 31+ Mo

These classes have ten children each, with one teacher, and one assistant.  Children are usually independent in toileting and are eating neatly without a bib.  They are promoted according to teacher recommendation and testing.

Primary Department Promotion

Students are promoted into the Primary Department at the beginning of June, or earlier if space is available, with the teacher’s recommendation and recommended LP testing scores.

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