Saint Nicholas School is an independent private school offering a classical curriculum through middle school with a Montessori lower school beginning with infants. The program includes summer camp and outdoor education. It was founded in 1987 and offers an exemplary curriculum and support for each child to achieve their potential.

Enrichment and Family Services are an integral part of the program and include extended hours, summer camp, field trips and food service. Elementary and middle school students experience ranching, farming and equestrian activities.

Saint Nicholas is accredited by the Diocese of Mid-American of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

The school is a partner member of the Classical Latin School Association. Saint Nicholas school is a member of the Houston Association of Independent Schools, The North American Montessori Center, The Christian Montessori Fellowship and The International Montessori Council.


Saint Nicholas School was established in 1987 as a private independent school, organized as a limited partnership to procure property for a campus. The group included school heads, faculty, parents, grandparents, friends, and business associates.  James L. McKey and Margot T. Heard served as general partners.


The school grew and developed grades through middle school.  Parental support produced growth for the four acre campus.  In 1991 the school was named a member of the “Houston 100”, for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Houston-Galveston area.


A second campus was opened in 1995 in the Texas Medical Center with a second limited partnership. The purpose was to provide the unique offering of academic excellence, innovative materials and curriculum, and personal attention in the workplace setting of the Texas Medical Center.


The general partners were recruited to sponsor one of the new Open Enrollment Charters in the state in 1996, granted by the State Board of Education. The school, Medical Center Charter School, is organized as a 501 (c) (3). It currently occupies the original campus at 10420 Mullins.


By 2006 the limited partnerships had been closed and the school assets purchased by the Heard family. The school now operates under a family limited partnership, entering the second generation. It is our intention to operate the school permanently for the benefit of Houston and the medical center community.


Curriculum and activities have continued to develop with emphases on the Montessori, Classical, and Choir School. Outdoor education is an important area of activity as well.

A non-profit corporation, Saint Nicholas Schools, has been established to fund music and religious activities as well as scholarships to benefit our students. We are collaborating with other music leaders in the community, especially involving children’s choirs. We are also working on plans to improve our facility.

Saint Nicholas offers a pre-eminent intellectual, cultural, athletic, and personal opportunity. It is seen as a way of life because we recognize that the development of the intellect and artistic expression, and the development of the body and the spirit are an integral, ongoing process. This most successfully occurs when life activities at home and school is a consistent unit of experience. Central to this is the recognition of each person as a unique child of God who needs to develop individuality, who needs a model to construct a framework of values, and who needs an enriched environment to stimulate and guide the creative, the intellectual, the spiritual, and the physical.

The child explores and practices skills and talents as they develop into reality, direction, and accomplishment. The development of the personality and work-style can be seen by the development of independence and discipline in work, recreation, and projects. It is shown by caring and respect for God’s creation and all life, by showing a nurturing attitude toward smaller children and those needing encouragement, and by having respect for those in authority.

It is our goal to observe the child maturing into a person of high moral standards and integrity who can think clearly and make good choices in leadership.  We hope to encourage the child to develop into a person who is self-aware, in control of himself, who has a personal vision led by principles, and who interacts with his environment and other people with effective communication and creativity.


founding General Partner of Saint Nicholas S chools



Director of Montessori Teacher Training


Curriculum Director


Director of Admissions / Licensing Director



Level R through Middle Music Teacher



Primary Montessori Teacher


Primary Montessori Teacher



Orientation Teacher


Orientation Teacher


Infant Teacher

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